Community Action Projects

Community Action proposals are submitted to the joint board meeting of the branch, often in May.  A project must be in accordance with the AAUW mission of demonstrating a commitment to the community, and a local branch member is responsible for coordinating the activity.

Adopt an Author  Children’s Author Festival
Humboldt County hosts a biennial event, during which 25 or more authors of children’s books from across the U.S. visit 60 schools and speak to thousands of students in grades K-8.  AAUW Humboldt provides sponsorship for the festival.

Adult Education Award
Humboldt Branch presents a personal award to the outstanding graduate of Eureka Adult School.  School personnel select an outstanding student, and a local AAUW representative, often the branch president, makes the presentation at the graduation ceremony.

Children’s Book Drive
Branch members are asked to donate new or gently used children’s books for distribution to organizations throughout the year.

Humboldt Literacy Project Trivia Team
AAUW Humboldt supports Humboldt Literacy Project’s mission to teach adults the literacy skills they need.  The branch assists with and competes in the Great Humboldt Trivia Challenge, HLP’s major fundraising event.

NAMI–Family-to-Family Education
The Humboldt affiliate of the National Alliance on Mental Illness is dedicated to assisting those with mental illness and their families.  The branch donates money for educational materials and trainers for NAMI community outreach.

National Geographic Society Geography Bee
AAUW Humboldt supports the study of geography and competition in the National Geographic Bee for students in grades 4-8.  The branch allocates funds for local schools to pay for materials and entry fees.

Rhododendron Parade
Branch members frequently participate in the annual rhododendron parade in Eureka in April, sometimes walking with signs or banners and riding in special vehicles.